Professional Affiliations                                                           
It is important for companies with similar goals and expertise to work together to better service the broad spectrum of customer needs.  As such, SRF Technologies is proud to maintain full partnerships/relationship with the following companies:


Certus Semiconductor is a new cooperative effort between many ESD and IO companies around the world.  Certus seeks to unify some of the worlds best ESD IP and IO IP design solutions under one name and offers a unique package of ESD Products and Services.


QPX is an industry leading ESD design and consulting firm for
ESD protection/device development and ESD product IC integration. QPX offers
most advanced product-proven on-chip ESD designs solutions for modern CMOS,
high-voltage CMOS and BCD technologies.

Minotaur Labs is SRF Technologies preferred ESD Test House.  Founded by Engineers from the original White Mountain Labs, these guys know ESD testing.  Capabilities beyond standard tests at most test houses, include 2-pin testing, wafer level HBM, IEC and HMM testing.  Relatively new, however the teams experience is superior to most. 

Evans Analytical GroupĀ® (EAG) is the world's leading, fully integrated and independent materials characterization lab network delivering world class testing services and expertise in surface analysis, trace elemental analysis, electron microscopy, failure analysis and circuit edit, when and where they are needed. Our analytical services help you develop new processes and materials faster, transfer those processes to production, develop and qualify new production tools, solve yield problems, and more.


CoCo ChIP Design Services Inc. is a privately held fabless semiconductor IC design company. We specialize in Ultra Low Power Analog, RFIC, power management, electro-optical and high voltage IC design, and sensors. We are developing a family of nanoWatt Analog, sensor and RFIC IP blocks for license or sale. We have a proven track record in designing numerous complex Analog, RFIC, high voltage, high speed, and sensor chips.

SandChip is an association of engineers, in member companies, well versed in full custom Integrated Circuit design. We are experienced in a wide variety of Analog, Digital, and Mixed Signal techniques. We will take you from concept to silicon.