Delivering Excellence in I/O and ESD Design Support!

ESD Diagnostics

Diagnostics has the goal of helping to solve and understand why a certain product or circuit is experiencing an ESD failure.  By understanding and modeling these failures, potential solutions to solve the failures can be created.

  • Participate in debug meetings
  • Help draft experiments to narrow down problems
  • Perform experiments for additional cost, if needed
  • Help architect solutions for current problems
  • Expedited services at additional cost

ESD Architectural, Design & Layout Reviews

ESD performance is based on many factors; these include chip level ESD architecture, ESD design techniques, Layout and ESD Device performance.  These review services help with the first 3, identifying weakness and solutions before money is spent on silicon.  It is generally much easier to avoid an ESD problem than it is to solve one.

  • Architectural review at beginning of a product design phase can ensure that I/O  and ESD libraries will meet the needs for the planned product.
  • Understand and better implement ESD and I/O solutions provided by third-part IP or Foundries internal libraries.
  • ESD Design reviews will assess the individual needs of a particular pin and help customize solutions early in the design phase.  This is especially useful for sensitive analog and RF pins.
  • Pre-tapeout reviews to verify that current approaches and devices usage is optimal for the product.
  • Review of layout for best known ESD practices & fault finding

I/O & ESD Library Design

  • Design, develop, test & characterize, I/O & ESD building blocks on a current process.
  • Includes a full I/O & ESD library that meets needs of future products
  • Optimize the I/O and ESD designs for area, performance and power by tailoring the designs to specific product architectures.
  • Gain a competetive edge by using specialized and optimized design.

ESD Training Lectures

  • Intro to ESD & basic Device physics
  • ESD test methodologies & test models
  • Basic ESD design
  • Advanced ESD design, including RF, Analog & High Speed Digital
  • Layout for ESD robustness

Two day course which includes an 8 hour training session & a 3 hours question & answer session.



  • Act as a general consultant regarding I/O & ESD design issues
  • Essentially be an at will resource for your companies design teams, knowing that when needed, your teams can get answers to their ESD and I/O questions.
  • Basic review sessions are included
  • Email & Phone access for questions & answers
  • All other ESD services offered at reduced rates.
  • Up to 2 conference calls a month may be scheduled.

Expert Witness in ESD and IO Patent Litigation

  • SRF Technologies has access to several of the worlds leading ESD and IO designers
  • SRF Technologies provided Legal Teams and Companies involved in litigation, ESD and IO design expertise in several patent disputes.
  • Patent analysis and research in the areas of ESD and IO Design
  • Patent Drafting and Language review for ESD and IO related Patent filing

References available upon request.